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Hi, my name is

Xiyuan Chen

A Web Designer & Developer

You may call me Theo. I'm from China and currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. You could say I'm very passionate about designing and developing websites and applications.

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About Me

Undergraduate Student in RMIT University

I'm currently studying Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) in RMIT University Melbourne City Campus. Some of the subjects introduced me to the world of web design & development, which slowly grew on me and finally became one of my passions. I enjoy learning new things about web design & development and making my own projects. As a beginner in the field, I'm looking to expand my experience and knowledge.




UI/UX Design

What I do

Frontend Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap - Building websites with simple interactions and animations

UX Design

User Research - Competitive Audit, User Journey Map, User Personas, Story Map, Sitemap

UI Design

Prototyping - Sketching, Low-fidelity Wireframes, High-fidelity Mock-up, Interactive/Video demo

And more...

Latest Projects

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Live Demo GitHub

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Russel Street Medical

Live Demo GitHub

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Red Panda's Home

Video Demo Figma File

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Runway Direct

Video Demo Figma File

Any role or project for me?

Please let me know who you are and what you need.
Thank you!

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